Frequently Asked Questions

SDC Patient Package

Frequently Asked Questions


Q.           What is the cost and when is payment due?

A.            The Spinal Decompression package is $3,000.00 and includes:

                -24 SDC Sessions

                -24 Heat or Infra-Red Treatments

                - Posture Rehab / Exercise Sessions

                -Therapy Bands / Ball as needed

                -Nutritional Supplements as determined by the doctor

                -Posture Pump as recommended

                -Electric Stimulation/ Ultrasound treatment as needed

                -Chiropractic Adjustments on day of SDC


                Punch Cards

                After initial package purchase, punch cards can be purchased:

                $300      Purchase 5 (and get 6) SDC sessions and heat/infrared light treatments

                $600      Purchase 10 (and get 12) SDC sessions and heat/infrared light treatments


                Payment is due before the start of the 1st SDC treatment.

                We do not bill insurance for Spinal Decompression Therapy.


Q.           Are pre and post x-rays included?

A.            X-ray fees are not included.  We will submit x-ray charges to your insurance company, but if x- rays are not a chiropractic benefit or are not covered, you will be responsible for the balance due.


Q.           How long is each session?

A.            Approximately 30-60 minutes depending on the SDC program recommended


Q.           What is the recommended frequency?

A.            4x/week - 1 week          3x/week - 3 weeks        2x/week - 3 weeks        1x/week - 1 week


Maintenance visits may be recommended following the completion of the 24th visit and will be scheduled as recommended by your doctor.


Q.           How often will I need Spinal Adjustments?

A.            Adjustments will be assessed by the doctor during the eight weeks of SDC therapy. Adjustments are included in the package.      


Q.           When should I start seeing some improvement in my condition?

A.            Each person has different symptoms and severity levels to their needs.  Improvements may be noticed as early as the 5th visit.   On average there is improvement between the 10th and  12th visit.  Significant improvements should be noticed by the 24th - 35th