Decompression Package

Spinal Decompression is a multifaceted program; decompression is an integral portion of a complete program leading to relief of back or neck pain.  There are no short cuts; pain relief comes with healing and tissue repair, which may take up to six weeks or more.   There are three components used in Spinal Decompression Therapy:  1) decompression of the intervertebral space, 2) realigning and strengthening the spine, and 3) education and prevention of further injury.

Each therapy session consists of 3 or 4 possible treatment elements:  passive therapy to reduce muscle guarding and decrease inflammation while increasing blood flow to the injury site, decompression of the spine, therapeutic exercises, and chiropractic spinal adjustments.  Spinal adjustments are a vital and necessary part of spinal decompression therapy and are scheduled to coordinate with your spinal decompression schedule.  The doctor will assess your plan of care and determine the frequency of adjustments needed.

Your Spinal Decompression Therapy package includes: 24 decompression treatments, necessary posture rehab sessions, an exercise ball and/or therapy bands if applicable, nutritional supplements recommended by your health care professional, hot pack or infra-red light therapy before each treatment, and spinal adjustments.  Any additional spinal decompression treatments beyond the standard 24 visit protocol the doctor deems necessary will be charged on a case by case basis.

**While decompression should not be expected to correct or completely restore disc health, decompression can provide increased infusion to the disc, long term symptom relief, and can reverse some of the aging process in the intervertebral disc.